Equipping National Leaders

Equipping Future National Leaders Through Education and Training

What began as a 3-month stay in the fall of 2005, has grown into 9 nutrition centers, a medical and dental clinic, elementary and high schools, seminary, and university offering medicine, biomedicine, nursing, agronomy and elementary education degrees. UCI continues to grow, meeting the needs of the community, while touching the lives of Haitians through sharing, studying, and living out the Gospel. From these small beginnings, the gospel has turned a small village that was marked by vodou and hatred, into a community that works together.

‚ÄčToday, UCI has over 1,800 elementary students and over 1,200 university students with the vision to train up Godly leaders that will revive their communities for Christ. UCI believes God will use the elementary school, university, and training programs in Caiman to equip Christian leaders and bring about long-lasting change throughout Haiti at the national level.

elementary classroom

UCI Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary Schools

In a country where almost 50% of children do not have the opportunity to complete secondary education, UCI schools host over 1,800 students.

UCI Christian University

UCI Christian University (UCCC)

The University at UCI hosts one of the leading medical programs in the country along with seminary, agriculture, and education programs.

Children with sponsored education

Education Sponsorship

In fulfilling the second vision of equipping national leaders, we feel that quality education with a Christian motivation is key.

In and Around Caiman

haiti medical students


The University at UCI is host to one of the leading medical programs in the country.

man watering plants

Agricultural Projects and Training

Two-thirds of all Haitians depend on agriculture to provide food for their families, making fresh water from irrigation and other projects essential.

Haitians playing volleyball

Sports Ministry

I can invite kids to come play volleyball and soccer and introduce them to Jesus. Sports is a great platform to share the gospel.