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JeanJean and Kristie

Reaching Haiti for Christ

United Christians International began in February 2005 with JeanJean and Kristie Mompremier's God-given desire to share JeanJean’s seminary training with the lay pastors of the area near Caiman (JeanJean’s hometown). From these small beginnings, the Gospel turned a small village that predominantly practiced vodou into a community that works together.  Evangelism, discipleship, and training remain the focus of all UCI’s ministries.  By God’s grace, the people of UCI have been instrumental in providing hope and livelihood to those in this region who are lost in vodou and suffering from poverty.

The Beginnings

Kristie (DeBoer) Mompremier was born in Northwest Iowa (USA) and became passionate about vocational missions after graduating college with a biology and math degree. She joined ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization), an agricultural mission out of Fort Myers, FL, which took her to the Central Plateau of Haiti in 1996. While serving as an agricultural missionary, she heard God’s calling to stay full-time in Haiti. 

JeanJean Mompremier was born in Caiman in the Central Plateau of Haiti, and during middle school and high school, he and his two brothers walked about 5 hours to school each week and stayed in a rented 6’ x 6’ room in Hinche. They prepared their own meals, washed their own clothes, and went to school to study each weekday. He eventually became a teacher at a Christian high school, an experience that would strengthen his love for and trust in God. 

JeanJean and Kristie met during the summer after graduation while serving on a small Haitian team who hosted VBS camps all over the Central Plateau – 13 VBSs in 11 weeks! It was during this time of ministry together that JeanJean and Kristie felt God had a special purpose for them-together! Their love for Jesus and a strong desire to serve others brought them together in Haiti where they married and now have two daughters, Rithana (Tana) and Kerlande (Kerri). After returning to the U.S. JeanJean completed seminary and Kristie added a nursing degree. They then returned to Haiti with a vision to serve JeanJean’s childhood community.

JeanJean and Kristie and daughters
Children on a school bus

The Present

What began as a 3-month stay in the fall of 2005, has now grown into 9 nutrition centers, health clinic, elementary and secondary schools, a university with a seminary, and degrees in medicine, biomedicine, nursing, agronomy and elementary education. UCI continues to grow, meeting the needs of the community, while touching the lives of Haitians through sharing, studying, and living out the Gospel. From these small beginnings, the Gospel has turned a small village that was marked by vodou and hatred, into a community that works together. 

Today, UCI has Christian preschool, elementary, and secondary schools with over 1,800 students, and over 1,200 Christian University students. The purpose  is to build native leaders with valuable skills and knowledge who can tell others about Christ. JeanJean and Kristie enjoy visiting churches and telling the story of how an area can be transformed with the Gospel of Christ.

The Future

Today, UCI's vision for the future involves three primary objectives:

  • Teaching the Word of God
  • Equipping future national leaders through education and training
  • Uniting Christians around the world

JeanJean and Kristie feel that quality education with a Christian motivation is key, which has driven the vision for a nationally-accredited university where students have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to help them become the future leaders of Haiti. Education in developing countries is the surest path to sustainable development, alleviation of poverty, economic growth and social equality. 

Building on a Biblical foundation, UCI’s vision is to empower, equip, and mobilize the next generation of Haitians professionally and spiritually to transform their nation. UCI’s unique university model is meeting one of the nation’s most pressing needs. These students are the vision and hope for UCI and Haiti.

Teaching Hospital panorama

We exist to teach the Word of God, equip national leaders, and unite Christians around the world. UCI provides quality education, improved nutrtion and medical care, and agricultural needs.

The Haitian board evaluates local needs, projects, and directs where to spend resources. The U.S. board exists to pray for and support the mission and keep all things accountable to God.

There are endless opportunities to get involved in the mission of UCI from sponsorships, building projects, and bringing a team of volunteers to help support the mission.

There is ONE body and ONE Spirit, just as you were called to ONE hope when you were called; ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism; ONE God and Father of ALL, who is over ALL and through ALL and in ALL.

~ Ephesians 4:4-6