Mission Teams

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Mission Teams Ministry

UCI is passionate about the Mission Teams Ministry. God works through the sender, the team member,  and the receiver in short-term mission teams, all of which are very important. 

There are three main reasons that we love having mission teams as part of our ministry:

  • Having teams help us with our mission on the ground brings hands, hearts, and resources to help us continue our work of community improvement, evangelism, and outreach of many kinds. Many people have come to accept Jesus as their Savior through the words and actions of team members wanting to share the love of God.
  • Having mission teams allows others from across the globe to go, see, and respond!  We know that lives are changed in Haiti, but also the lives of team members who come to minister to Haitians. Many team members were so touched by seeing God at work, they chose to do ministry for the rest of their lives. There is something about leaving one's comfort zone that allows your eyes to be opened to how God is at work.
  • Having mission teams allows us to unite Christians around the world! Our Haitian Board points out that most Haitians are not able to leave their country. When mission teams come to Haiti, they have an opportunity to interact and have fellowship with their brothers and sisters from other countries.

It truly is not about the money that is spent, it is all about the relationships and seeing God at work!

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Leadership Guide

By serving as a trip leader, you are helping fulfill UCI’s vision of teaching the Word of God, equipping national leaders through education and training, and uniting Christians around the world. This guide will give you the tools, knowledge, and understanding to lead a team at UCI.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Going on a short term international mission trip to Haiti can be a little overwhelming. UCI has team leaders that are well versed in the planning, fundraising, logistics, and details each team will need to ensure teams have a safe and impactful  trip. Please contact us if you have additional questions. 

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One of the first steps in starting the process of taking a team to Haiti is for each individual team member and team lead to complete the Mission Team Application Form and Waiver. Please contact UCI if you have any questions.

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Amazon Wish List

UCI has created an Amazon Wish List where supporters can review the various school, medical, and organizational supplies needed; purchase; and send directly to UCI. Amazon Smile currently lists UCI as a recipient for this benefit. These supplies are pivotal in reaching the Haitian children and community with the Gospel. Below are some simple instructions for your use:

1. Click on the item(s) you want to view.

2. Click 'Add to Cart'. 

3. Add additional items to the card or click 'Proceed to Checkout'. 

4. For shipping, this address (Missionary Flights International Unit 1072-UCI's Gift Registry Address) should show up in your list and select 'Use this Address'. 

5. Select desired gift options (if applicable).

6. Enter billing and payment information. 

7. Complete order.

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Cancellation Policy

UCI acknowledges that there are always unknowns when it comes to safety concerns, sickness, family emergencies, etc., that may impact the mission team trip. Please review the Cancelation Policy and reach out to UCI with any questions.