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Healthcare in Haiti is inadequate to meet the needs of the people. It is estimated that for every 10,000 people, there is only one trained medical personnel. To help Haitians have better access to good medical care, UCI started a medical degree program at the university. This program has the most students of all the degrees offered at the university. However, the difficulty of studying medicine decreases that number by more than half by the time of graduation.

Medical Clinic

The UCI medical clinic was established to help students gain valuable experience. The clinic also achieves two more objectives by providing: (1) Better healthcare for our community and, (2) A place our excellent medical professors can share their experience with the students and community members. 

Dental Clinic

Since the UCI dental clinic opened, it has been able to provide quality care to many people. It also houses a dental clinic run by a local man that UCI sent to dental school. 

Teaching Hospital

The Ministry of Education and Public Health wants us to expand our clinic to become a teaching hospital. There is a big push for Haitian medical programs to become more “hands-on”. Since UCIbelieves this is a good thing, they have been working toward this, as well. Eventually, they hope to have a hospital with 13 different departments. Currently, we have completed Phase 1 of construction of a laboratory that will be nationally certified and help hospitals around Haiti.

God is working in this, and within us.

And he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

~ Luke 9:2