How Can I Serve on the Trip?

group of haitian people

UCI is intentional in providing opportunities for each team to serve in evangelism, mercy, and work ministries.  Below are just a few of the ways team members can serve according to their talents or abilities:


• Church Leadership Training

• Creating Curriculum - small groups, Sunday school, children’s ministry, youth ministry, lay pastors

• Miscellaneous Training in your Area of Expertise - Evangelism/Witnessing

• Creative Ministry - music, mime, drama, puppets

• Preaching/Teaching - churches, schools, music lessons

• Bible and Tract Distribution - (must be bought ahead of time)

• Children's Ministries - VBS, Bible clubs, sports camps, day camps, school field trips

• Conference Seminars - women or men, youth, pastors, married couples, school teachers

Equipping and Uniting

• Distributions:  clothing, food, school supplies, Bible school

• Prayer Walking - visiting the sick and praying

• Clinics - vet, medical, dental, prenatal, nutrition, first aid, sports

• Helping at the University

• Conversational English - classes, informally

• Visit door-to-door - sick, orphans, elderly, bedridden 

• Encouraging Missionaries and Nationals

• Serving any needs that arise

Community Improvement Projects

• Building Projects - home, churches, repair work, maintenance, playground equipment

• Painting - maintenance

• Planting/Nursery - trees, plants for food, grafting(in season)

• Helping In Gardens - church gardens, family gardens, clearing fields

• Furniture Construction

• Your Area Of Expertise - Mechanic, Art, etc.

• Road Work - rock hauling, potholes

• Digging Ditches