UCI’s Volleyball program started as a way to have fun with my own daughters in remote, rural Haiti. It became a way to teach kids of all ages about sports and healthy living.  Since God gave us the mandate to teach His Word in all things, this developed into a sports ministry that was able to reach many children and youth.  I can’t always convince the kids to come to church, but God gave me many opportunities to teach youth about Him on the court!  We strive to teach that team work and persistence and hard work are better than gang violence and corruption. It’s not just about the kids tossing the ball around. It’s about the kids living life when all around them there is chaos. It is having hope when they can’t even go to school and their parents are struggling to put meals on the table. It’s about learning to work together instead of believing the lies that say it is better to only think of yourself at the expense of others. It is believing Godly principles are good and true and lead to an abundant life despite trials—in the midst of trials.