University Student Spotlight: Meet Wilner

Ten years ago, UCI held a youth camp. The pastors that attended JeanJean's pastoral training for lay pastors sent young men and women to attend this camp. A challenge was given to memorize Isaiah 41.

Wilner is a young man from Laguamithe, a community deep in the mountains where there is no road access, no running water, and no electricity. When Wilner attended the camp he recited Isaiah 41 in Haitian Kreyol, which was impressive. But what really made an impression was that he then recited the entire chapter in English. He told us that he knew Americans were helping us with the camp and he wanted them to hear this challenge in their language, as well.

Wilner finished high school the previous year, but due to financial reasons, he was unable to continue his studies. We felt strongly that a young man like this could help transform communities in Haiti. Two ladies from a very small church gave him this chance to attend our university, which was in its 2nd year. He entered the medical program and today he is a licensed, practicing doctor.

Many college students go to the bigger cities to try to find jobs, but Wilner couldn't forget about his home community. His home has 4 different communities that together have over 47,000 people. The nearest clinic to Laguamithe is a 12 hour walk through the mountains. Wilner is going to concentrate on community health to help his community. In October of 2023, Wilner and another classmate will go to Lagwamithe to serve as doctors as they open a health center. We praise the Lord!!!

Wilner, in talking about his vision for this health center said, "The Word of God will be #1 because life is divine; God is first." He also said, "It will be an honor to serve in my community as I had said that I would when I started university." Wilner and I want to thank you all for helping UCI bring about sustainable transformation to communities across the country through the university. I often refer to this as giving a 2nd chance to a nation that looks like it is finished and done. There is hope. God is the hope and His plans are to bring about transformed lives that can't help but affect the people around them.