April 26, 2024

Here are our PRAISES:

--a beautiful university graduation finally took place and so many were blessed

--Jeanjean and I have been talking to many people and churches about UCI/Haiti.  We have been traveling a lot, but it has been a blessing.  We enjoy the time together and we are re-energized by sharing how God is working.  We have also feel so loved.

--A partner church packaged over 158,000 meals for Haiti that we will use for our school lunch program

--we will be packaging some different types of fortified meals in Des Moines and hopefully getting other churches excited about this possibility

--the container with meals should be delivered in May

--we have a sponsor that wants to help us put solar energy in the high school

--we have had several people step up to help us fund the expansion needed for the UCB satellite school--we are getting close to realizing our goal for this!

--we have 2 new churches that are considering partnering with UCI.  We love getting more people excited about missions

Prayer requests:

--please pray for the 9-member council of ministers that was successfully installed yesterday.

--traveling mercies as JeanJean and Kristie travel around the midwest, the west coast and the east coast.  We anticipate that the airports in Haiti will open up soon to make it easier to travel back to Haiti.

--Kerri will be graduating on May 11!  She will be graduating with honors with a psychology & community health, emphasis in women's health majors.  She has an internship in public health in Waterloo and will be working with Haitian immigrants!

--pray that we continue to find food to help people with struggling to eat and help people in Port-au-Prince.  We are also distributing seeds for people to plant gardens as we are leaving the 6-month dry season and the rainy season is starting.  It is always good to help people grow their own food.

March 26, 2024


--Harvest Festival at the church was a glorious celebration of how God is still at work in Haiti. Over 16 partner churches celebrated with us in a service that lasted from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Over 1200 people attended and were fed. 74 people were baptized--9 of them former witchdoctors!!! What a wondrous Palm Sunday

--Franck and his wife (see last month's praises) were married before being baptized during the Harvest Festival.

--Banks have opened, we are finding food from contacts all over the north of Haiti and the D.R., and we've been able to help over 600 families receive food in these difficult times.

--We have 3 construction projects that we are able to start since the banks have re-opened and we can get funds. 1) Bois Couleuvre church construction, 2) more teacher's housing in the village, 3) cement floor and benches for our church plant in the mountains, Bas La Riviere. This will provide much-needed jobs for many and be a blessing in many ways

--Safety continues in our area

Prayer requests:

--We were unable to have our graduation or employee appreciation dinners due to the country's unrest. Pray for us to find a date that will be safe for all the participate

--The prime minister resigned from office last week and that put an end to the nation-wide protests. The capital still remains under the control of the gangs. Looting, burning of houses, killing, raping, extortion are increasingly common. A 7-person interim government was chosen after the PM resigned, but they are having problems with internal conflicts and having any authority to do their mission which was to stabilize the country in 18 months so that elections could take place

--Pray that we can continue to help the many internally displaced families that are coming into our area from the south. Many of them have nothing with them as they fed the violence of the capital. We have heard many horror stories from these families.

--Pray that we are able to find professors at the university level to teach all the required classes. There are so many professors leaving the country.

Feb 28 , 2024


--Franck and his wife (the former witchdoctors) praying to accept Jesus as the Savior after decades of leading vodou worship and years of prayer and evangelism.  He and his wife will be baptised at our harvest celebration.

--We continue to hear great reports of what God is doing with our university graduates around Haiti.  We are so thankful for their ministries.  This encouragement is so needed as we are one of the only universities able to continue during these very turbulent times--PTL.  It is very challenging to keep the university going, but we see the fruit.

--work is progressing very well in our church and many are excited to see the beautiful improvements.  It is yet another example of God providing in tough times.

--our area has remained free of gang violence.  We had some bad apples in our community that tried to set up an operation where they stopped vehicles by throwing rocks and glass bottles and then demanded money to pass unharmed.  The rest of the community put a stop to this, thankfully.  

--Preschool--High school started up again on Monday.  We had many parents that kept their kids home because they wanted to be sure there would not be any gangs that would come to stop the kids from going to school.  But, a lot of families sent their kids to school this week.  We fully expect that more will be coming this Monday.  This means the kids that need our school lunch program and protein program are able to find that nourishment


Prayer requests:

--Most of the unrest is due to people demanding that the current prime minister step down from power so that elections and better government can take place.  He is still refusing to relinquish any power.  Pray for God's way to be accomplished is a peaceful resolution.

--For our employee appreciation dinner to happen.  We had to postpone due to reports of country-wide violence happening and the national news advised everyone to stay home.  We really would like to encourage all the faithful employees of UCI

--For our graduation to happen on March 21.  We have not been able to have a graduation for 2 years.  A graduation is something to celebrate and we would like to honor these student's hard work.  We want it to be safe, however.  Please pray for discernment by the administration as to whether we should persist.

--We received enough funds to start construction on the expansion of our satellite school in the marketplace.  Pray that we can start as soon as the school year ends and we can stretch the funds!

--Pray for all the students from preschool to university that are struggling to pay for their tuition costs.  We have maxed out our available scholarships, but have hundreds asking for financial assistance.