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Supporting UCI

When you financially support the UCI general fund, you are providing for all of the expenses necessary for UCI to operate on a daily basis. With over 150 employees, these operating expenses are critical to the ministry's success and the UCI board is always looking for ways to minimize expenses in order to ensure the viability of the mission at UCI. When you give to the general fund, an often overlooked yet extremely vital fund, you play a major role in supporting what God is doing in the Haitian lives UCI serves.

You can also give directly to the UCC Scholarships fund (which provides for students in the primary school), University Fund (which provides for university students), Capitol Improvement (building projects for UCI), and Community Improvement (wells, feeding centers, and houses in the community).

If you would like to donate to a specific fund or cause other than the categories listed on our electronic support form, then please contact the UCI treasurer at finance@ucihaiti.org (Example: if you would like to specify a donation in more detail like a UCC or University Scholarship for a specific student)

Ways To Support UCI:

  1. Electronic Support Form – Through this secure form through Clover Donations you can give your financial support to a specific fund with a one-time or reoccurring transaction in the amount of your choosing.
  2. Mail A Check Or Payment To:
    • UCI
      P.O. Box 862
      Cherokee, IA 51012
  3. Automated Payments Through Your Bank - Contact your local bank and set up an automated bill pay. This is usually a free service and can be established as a one-time gift or set up on a monthly schedule. You may also apply a note in the memo of your automated bill to specify which UCI fund you would like for your donation to be applied.

Thank You For Supporting UCI!